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Most of the people I meet strive to be the best version of themselves each day, but sometimes life gets in the way and we stray from our ideal behaviors, goals, and values.   Have you ever felt this way?

I have made two daily practices an integral part of my routine to help me stay on track to be my best self.  Those practices are setting a daily intention and incorporating daily gratitude.  So, what does that look like?

I start each day by setting my daily intention.  An intention is essentially your way of being for that day or your mood for the day.  In other words, what space will your thoughts occupy for the day?

Today’s intention was business growth, and I have approached each of my activities from that mindset.  It’s helped propel me to write this post and work on my social media pages, and I gave my business card to the dean of my alma mater hoping it will lead to a speaking engagement.  Intentions can be quite powerful!

The second habit is gratitude, and it’s how I end my day.  Expressing gratitude has been closely linked with increased happiness in multiple studies, and who couldn’t use a little more happiness?  You can practice gratitude in several ways, but a popular way is to write in a gratitude journal.  Here are a few tips to create an effective one:

  • Keep negative thoughts and words away from your journal.
  • Be creative. You don’t have to write each entry; you can use photos, tickets, receipts.
  • The beauty of gratitude journals is their details. Elaborate on whatever experience you’re writing about. Savor the feelings associated with the experience.  Don’t just use a quick list.
  • Don’t hurry or just go through the motions. Make a conscious decision to create a great entry each time.
  • Focus on people, not things.
  • Uncover gratitude in unexpected moments.

Last but not least, share your gratitude with others!  We could all use a daily dose of happiness!

If you are looking to establish new habits, contact me for a personal consultation.  I’d love to hear from you!


  1. Susan Downs

    Very simple and doable practices. Could you give us more examples of your daily intention? How often do you reuse these? Do you use Business growth as your intention once a week? Twice a week? Where does your inspiration come from in setting your intention? Do you chose your intention the night before? When you wake up in the morning? Do you write it down?

    • Nahille Natour

      Thank you for your comment Susan! My daily intention usually supports the “attitude” I want to have that day. Like my intention for today is open heart because I want to approach all that I do with my heart open. Usually as I sent an intention I ask myself “how do I want to approach my day” or “what is the best perspective for me to use to accomplish my goals”. I will usually write it down on my to-do list as a reminder and I usually set it in the morning. I haven’t used business growth as an intention, but I may try it out this week!

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