“Nahille is an extremely intelligent and perceptive woman…

who knows how to genuinely connect with others.  She is generous and compassionate, and she also knows what it takes to have the life one chooses.  Those who choose to work with her will have made a very wise decision.  She’ll change your life.”

– Janis Y., Houston TX


“Nahille is an insightful, supportive coach…

who helped me connect with my authentic desires and move into inspired action. She will help you find the clarity you need to create powerful change.”

– Brooke A., Austin, TX


Nahille has a talent for taking an overwhelming feeling …

and making it much smaller and manageable. She helped me identify and tackle the issues that stood in the way of the goals I set for myself. Thank you, Nahille, for motivating me and holding me accountable to take action!”

– Meghan K., Houston, TX


“Nahille’s coaching was the agent of major change in my life.

Even after the conclusion of our coaching my life continues to bloom in the most amazing and unanticipated ways. I went from not working and very anxious about it to being so busy doing what I love that I literally have no more bandwidth for the fascinating opportunities that are now popping up every day. Thank You Nahille!

-Maryellen K., Houston, TX


“Nahille has such a natural way about her. She holds a space …

for her clients that feels much like a friendship. I always felt safe and supported, but Nahille also invited fierce determination to look at things in new ways. I came away from coaching with Nahille a lighter, more empowered person, with a purpose to my movement through this life. I will forever be grateful for our connection.”

– Betsy S., Powell, WY


“I always said that the job was great until it just wasn’t anymore.

You know how that slow gnawing grows inside until one annoyance after another has evolved from a career you love into a career you tolerate.  I never wanted doctoring to be “just a job” as I spoke of waitressing in college, but through EMR, a lawsuit, hospital politics, and multiple other community changes outside of my control, my family and I were looking ahead at 20 years of just barely making it work.  It takes a lot of courage to catapult out of one’s comfort zone, one’s income guarantee, one’s school district for kiddos.  For me, it took a lot of guidance, accountability, and the listening ear of Nahille Natour.  Together, we sifted through my priorities, goals, and options.  She helped me navigate a new job search, interview questions and the evaluation of each opportunity after the interviews.  No job is perfect. Every practice is different.  But, together, we matched my personal goals with the practice opportunity that best met those goals.  Nahille gave me the courage to start the process.  She gave me the structure to walk through the process.  She gave me the tools to be effective with my time in the interviews.  And ultimately, she sat back with wisdom and her own experience, drawing on the wealth of knowledge of other clients and colleagues and gently allowed me to be my own guide toward a decision that has been extremely fulfilling for me and my family.  Change is hard.  If you want to stay where you are, you can survive.  You can tolerate.  You can put one foot in front of the other.  This doctor needs passion to walk into that delivery, into that 15th pap smear of the day, and really be the mother, wife, physician, and friend that I was created to be.  Thank you, Nahille, for your perseverance and your partnership in my journey!”

– Elizabeth C., Plano, TX


“Nahille has been very accessible, pleasant and understanding.

I loved that we have a similar background and that I didn’t have to explain situations because you are familiar with the [healthcare] setting.”

– Cristina C., Houston, TX


“I have had the pleasure of being coached by Nahille.

She has a warm and engaging coaching style that challenged me to look at situations in new ways, allowing me to discover more about my true purpose and clarify my goals. Nahille is dedicated to her coaching and it shows. I left each interaction feeling centered and ready to take action.”

– Dan W., Austin, TX