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Dr. Nahille Natour

Dr. Nahille Natour

Dr. Nahille Natour is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) whose passion is to inspire her clients to achieve balance in their lives.  She serves physicians who are looking to transform their life, careers, businesses and relationships.  As a board-certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist, she has experience in many practice settings and has personally and successfully worked through physician burnout.

Client and Business Focus

As a result of her personal history, Nahille has devoted her practice to supporting health care professionals who are working to improve their work/life balance, grow their practice or expand their professional reach.  Nahille works with motivated physicians who seek inspiring opportunities, a renewal of their enthusiasm for medicine, or simply to improve their communication skills.  She has helped fellow physicians improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their offices as well as adapt to the ever-changing medical environment.  Nahille is committed to assisting clinicians find fulfillment and happiness in their career and she works with her clients to achieve lasting success.

Nahille also works with physicians and health care executives to improve service excellence and patient satisfaction scores, which are becoming increasingly important in the health care arena.  She offers workshops and speaking engagements centered around physician and patient satisfaction in addition to other topics.  Nahille’s specialty is one-on-one coaching for physicians in which her philosophy centers  around the four distinct avenues which converge to achieve physician satisfaction:

  • Daily reconnection with your personal passion
  • Conscious focus on communication skills as the key to success
  • Mindfulness of our heavy impact as physicians in the lives of patients, family, and friends
  • Staying grounded in the present moment as the root to stability

Background and Experience

While in private practice, Nahille worked with several committees to improve patient satisfaction scores and the overall patient experience in the office.  She also customized a variety of electronic health records and is able to bring that expertise when strategizing workflows and data entry for medical records.

Before undergoing her own personal career transition, Nahille was emotionally exhausted and sensed that her work was no longer meaningful.  She will tell you that the delivery of a new, precious life had become a chore.  Like so many physicians struggling with motivation, Nahille hated feeling that way and found coaching as a vector to transform her life.  She empathizes with the struggles associated with physician burnout and guides clients through those obstacles to a place where they can “fall in love” with medicine again or make a career change that will provide joy.  Nahille partners with clients to improve their quality of life at work and at home, knowing that a satisfied physician leads to satisfied patient interactions and loyalty.

Education and Credentials

Nahille is a Certified Physician Development Coach (physiciancoachinginstitute.com) and completed training and certification through the Coaching Training Institute (www.thecoaches.com).  Nahille is a practicing OB/Gyn and has over 10 years of experience in various practice settings, bringing a wealth of knowledge and familiarity with numerous business and employment structures.  She champions service excellence within the health care environment, both within outpatient and inpatient settings.

Nahille completed her OB/Gyn residency training at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas.  She earned her medical degree from Texas A&M University Health Science Center School of Medicine and carries an undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Austin.

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