Leadership Skills Program


Inspiring Balance Leadership Skills Program

This is YOUR year to set and reach important aspirations, set powerful intentions, and find the sweet spot balancing your personal and professional lives.

Program includes:

  • Eight Leadership Skills taught in 40 minute sessions
  • Written materials, homework, and a mastery exercise are provided and reviewed for each skill
  • One-on-one coaching occurs during each session so that the skill is applied to your unique situation and industry
  • Discount and BONUS skill available to those who qualify.  Contact me for details.
  • Skills included
    • Goal Setting
    • Values
    • Perspective/Reframing
    • Listening
    • Acknowledgement/Championing
    • Being present
    • Personal Mission Statement
    • Walk the Talk
    • BONUS SKILL Powerful Questions

Contact me to learn more about how you can benefit from this program!

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