Create Balance

First, let’s define balance. While each of us will have our own unique definition, here is the one I have adopted. Balance is completing everything I need to get done and most of the things I want to get done. Balance is fulfilling my responsibilities and finding time for personal growth and recuperation. It is staying in touch with friends and family, and having time for fun and relaxation. What’s your definition of balance?

I created balance in my life through coaching. It is through my experience that I recognized an overwhelming desire in most people to find balance, but like me, they were lacking the road map to get there. I discovered that there isn’t one map that everyone can use. You have to create your own map with your own destination. Coaching helps you discover the individual parts of the formula that you will put together in a meaningful way to achieve balance.  Inspiring balance is my heartfelt desire as your coach. Contact me to start crafting your balance formula!


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