Find Joy

If you’ve read about my journey on this website, you’ll see that there was a time when I was unbalanced and unhappy.  It took me a long time to find that balance. Once I did, I also found joy, which comes from deliberate, daily self care that rejuvenates you.  Joy lives in tasks that energize and excite you.  Joy occupies the space in your heart where contentment and fulfillment also live.  How often do you access that part of your heart?  Is it enough?

I sincerely believe we each have a different path to joy.  Coaching works to help you define your values and goals in such a way that you must focus on what is important to you.  By making choices that align with your values, joy will find you.  This is true for both personal and professional journeys.  What does your path look like?  Contact me for a sneak peak!

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