Journey to Balance

Balance.  It’s not easy to achieve or maintain, but if I can find balance, you can too!  My journey to balance has been a winding road full of speed bumps and detours.  It didn’t come naturally to me, and the rigors of my career received most of my attention most of the time. Early in my career, my focus was certainly beneficial.  I finished medical school and a residency training program in Obstetrics and Gynecology and started a private practice.

As my patient population grew, so did the time spent at work.  One day I found myself cynical, unhappy, and tired.  Actually, not just tired but exhausted.  Truly depleted.  The kind of exhaustion that magnetizes your butt to the couch and keeps you at home.  Doing anything more required energy I just did not have.  That was in 2012.

I saw that it was too much.  Somehow I had managed to build a life consumed by work and I didn’t have much outside of my career.  I was completely out of balance.  What’s more, without balance, my life was completely unfulfilling.

If you’ve ever felt this way, you know how it feels to have a heavy heart and possibly even a sense of despair.  It’s pretty miserable, especially when you realize that despite your years of school and training, you never developed the skills to maintain work/life balance.

It took me a year to change the trajectory of my life, and about 6 more months to achieve a sense of balance.  At the end of that time, someone told me I could help others with my story. While I didn’t know what that would mean at the time, that statement eventually lead me to a coach training curriculum, then a certification program, and now to you.

As your coach, we can negotiate your life’s path together.  My goal is to serve as your greatest ally and champion by asking you powerful questions that serve as tools to guide you to balance and fulfillment.  We’ll define your personal values, re-energize your soul, and illuminate your life’s purpose.  From there, you can create an alternate route or even a completely different journey which results in a life full of balance, joy, and gratitude.

Who Do I Coach?

I coach motivated individuals like you who are searching for balance, fulfillment, and joy.  I know that my message of achieving and maintaining balance applies to almost all of us.  Based on my career as a physician, coaching healthcare providers is near and dear to my heart, but I also enjoy coaching other professionals, entrepreneurs, and big dreamers as they journey to a life of satisfaction and fulfillment.

As an entrepreneur myself, I love helping others with business development and growth.  As someone navigating a career change, I enjoy lending my experience and insight to others seeking guidance.   Above all else, like you, I have big dreams and I know coaching will help make those dreams a reality.  Contact me to start your journey!

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